What is it Like to Experience a Break-In?

Experiencing a break-in, whether you are physically present during the break-in or witness the aftermath, can be traumatic. Regardless of whether anything was stolen or not, having your privacy invaded is disconcerting. Your home no longer feels safe. What if the burglars got away with “too little” and decide to come back for more? Did they find personal information they will use to cause you further distress? You are never sure what might be next.

Emotional Insecurity After a Break-In—What Can You Do?

Break-ins do not occur in poor neighborhoods; in fact, suburban neighborhoods with low crime rates can still experience a break-in. While it is true that most break-ins occur while homeowners are away, a robber may attempt to break into a home if they think the homeowners are not there, even when they really are.

If you have recently experienced a break-in, you will go through a rush of emotions. While that is inevitable, there are steps you can take to regain your peace of mind.

  • Alleviate Your Fears by Installing a Home Security System – The home that you once thought was safe and secure has betrayed you and you may fear that it will happen again. Your home didn’t betray you—it just wasn’t set up to protect you! The first thing to do is to install a robust home security system with alarm monitoring.
  • Review Your Visitors – You may find yourself doubting everyone you meet. The next door-to-door salesman you may suspect as a potential robber or the next service professional you may fear will break-in after they see your valuables. Perhaps even the cleaning lady you hired only a few months ago. With video surveillance or a security camera, you can see who visits your home to make sure you trust the right people.
  • Talk to Your Loved Ones – It is not uncommon for break-in victims to feel as though they have been violated. Someone entered your home, walked through your personal space and took items that had deep meaning for you and your loved ones. Make it a point to talk to each family member and determine exactly what was stolen from your home. Then help your loved ones get over the loss by talking about the happy memories and perhaps trying to find replacements for what they lost. You will never be able to replace the sentimental value, but if it was an item that also had a functional value, replacement may help to some extent. For example, if a walking stick with a gold-plated handle was stolen, it isn’t just the monetary value or sentiment you need to replace; your parent needs the stick to get around the house.
  • Eliminate the Anxiety with Integrated Security – Most homeowners that have experienced a break-in will suffer from mild cases of anxiety. After all, they have to cope with the stress and emotions associated with that break-in, file insurance paperwork, deal with police reports, and more. Have your home security service provider come in to carefully assess your system requirements. That way, you know that the new system you install is not an off-the-shelf solution that may or may not work for your home. You can be sure that the customized installation has the capability to keep you and your loved ones safe along with the possessions and valuables in your home.

Home security systems can help prevent you and your loved ones from having to experience a break-in or the whirlwind of emotions that come from the aftermath. GuardMe Security can help make your home feel safe and secure. Our state-of-the-art technology can monitor your home while you are there and also when you are away.

Call GuardMe Security experts today at (800) 235-0644 or ask a question online to learn more about how you can secure your home. 

Craig Metzger
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