Peep Hole Vs Video Doorbell, Who Wins?

If peep holes and video doorbells were superheroes, who’d win? We won’t get into any DC vs. Marvel comparison shenanigans but, in this case there is a clear winner. Your front door is the entryway into your universe and the entryway to guests as well as an entry point for some pretty gnarly villains. It is important to have the most ideal tools to protect the fortress.

Peephole Perks

The peephole has been around as long as there have been doors and in that time, they have served us well. Typically installed at eye-level, the peephole is a hole in the door equipped with high-strength glass through which you can see who is outside of the door without having to open it. Pretty ingenious.
It has some neat advantages, too:

  1. It is cheap.
  2. It rarely, if ever, wears out.
  3. It does not require electricity.

Even though the peephole has served well for centuries, it has always had some serious drawbacks. Unless you have mastered the super-stealth tip toe to the door trick, there really isn’t a way to know who is there without giving yourself away. To use it, you must put yourself in close proximity to the door; which is fine if it is friends or family on the other side but dangerous if it is a bad guy. Even if you do get close enough to look through the peephole, it doesn’t mean you will see well as it produces a distorted fisheye view with as a very limited field of view.

Video Doorbell Victories

A video doorbell is a doorbell equipped with a motion sensor, 2-way communication, and camera to which you can connect remotely from devices such as a smart phone and through your home security system. When activity triggers the motion sensor or someone rings the doorbell, whoever is at the door appears on the screen. The system allows you to answer the door from anywhere, whether you are at home having dinner or miles away on vacation and never give away whether the home is occupied or not.
Here are some of the best advantages:

  1. You do not have to get near the door to answer it, which is much safer.
  2. You can record video of events and save it for later.
  3. You can appear to be home, which deters crime.
  4. Video doorbells allow you to manage disruptions.
  5. Video doorbells provide a wider, clearer view.
  6. It is an extra security camera.

When it comes to the great peephole-video doorbell battle, the video doorbell wins hands down. In addition to providing a great view, it also helps deter crime. Since 1997, GuardMe Security has been at the forefront of equipping homes and businesses with security that matters.

Craig Metzger
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