Why Smart Video Doorbells are an Advantage to Home Security

Times are changing– fast. Technology has provided ways to improve our lives in ways we never even thought before now. One of those improvements, the video doorbell, makes the traditional doorbell seem like something out of the Dark Ages. So, why are smart video doorbells an advantage to home security? We’ll tell you.

Disadvantages of Traditional Doorbells

Before we discuss the advantages of video doorbells, we need to go over some of the disadvantages of traditional doorbells, and how they put you and your home at risk. Having a traditional doorbell means:

  • Having to go near to the door, and/or open it to address the need.
  • Having to get near the door to verify identity.
  • Letting thieves know you are not home when you do not answer.

Video Doorbell Basics

What makes video doorbells so valuable are their capabilities, and how they work. First, they feature a high-definition 1080p camera, a buzzer, and two-way audio. All of these features connect to your smartphone or another smart device via the smart app.

Advantages of HD Video Doorbells

Sometimes, small things can make a big difference. That is definitely the case with video doorbells. It does not take long to see these sleek and sophisticated devices add tremendous value to a smart home security system. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • You do not have to get near the door to answer it. You can always see who is at the door via live video and answer using the audio. Keeping a safe distance between yourself and an unknown is paramount in safety.
  • Infrared night vision camera technology allows you to see who is there day or night.
  • HD cameras provide crisp, clear images.You can even snap a photo of who is at the door.
  • You can answer the door remotely using two-way audio, so you do not have to reveal your absence.
  • You can record and download suspicious activity.

Smart video doorbells have become an indispensable tool in home security because it is like a standing guard. It is your eyes and ears of your smart home security system, whether you are home or away. GuardMe Security provides user-friendly systems that are specifically designed with quality in mind. Guardme designs, installs, and service any type of system from fire, security and alarm, to access control, video security, and central monitoring.

Craig Metzger
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