Prepare For Summer Travel With These Easy Home Security Tips

Summer has arrived and you can hardly wait to get through the door and onto taking selfies of all the action. And you are not alone in anticipating your vacation. There are criminals out there just as ready for your getaway, and they are ready to spring into action at the first sign of your absence. Before you pack your bags, it may be helpful to consider these helpful home security tips.

Alert Your Trusted Neighbors

Because summer affords more time for big life changes like a move, neighbors do not think twice when they see a moving van pull up into a driveway and clear out a home. If you plan on leaving for vacation, let your trusted neighbors know and ask them to call for help if they see anything unusual.

Assign A Captain

Having neighbors watch your home is the first step, the next is to have someone coordinate and execute your safety plan should there be trouble brewing. This friend may pick up mail (if you did not have it stopped at the post office), park and re-park their car in your driveway several times. Make sure the captain has all of your contact information to keep you up to date.

Use Your Home Security System To Your Advantage

Just because you are away does not mean you can’t have your eye on things back at home. One way to do that is to stay connected through your video surveillance system using your computer, phone or tablet to view surveillance feeds. Being able to see that everything is as it should be can provide the reassurance you need to relax and have a great time. For extra reassurance, be sure to provide the security company with mobile contact information as well as the contact information for your captain, if you have arranged to have one.

Home Automation Helps

If your home security system includes home automation, you can use it to fake occupancy while you are away. Set the system to turn off and on lights throughout the home at various times, for example, or schedule the music or television to go on and off periodically.  The activity will simulate occupancy that will confuse criminals and deter crime.

Share Your Photos AFTER You Return

We know how tempting it is to load that picture of yourself in front of that exclusive restaurant or on that pristine beach, but hold off until you get home. Sharing on social media makes it that much easier for others to figure out that you are away from home, which increases the likelihood of crime.

Your home security system can help you take control of your life, even when you are away from home. Before you go away on your next vacation, find out about the advantages that a home security system can offer you. GuardMe is a premier provider of monitored home alarms and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Craig Metzger
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