Protecting Your Commercial Property with Building Security

Protecting a commercial property is no small task, but electronic security is here to help you do it with some powerful security services. Here are some of the most critical services for building security. 

Intelligent Camera Systems

Video surveillance is only effective when professionally installed and monitored. There’s no use cutting corners by trying to install cameras yourself; this opens you up to major vulnerabilities, like bad camera angles that fail to capture security events. Furthermore, it leaves you susceptible to malfunctioning integration with the rest of the security system, like the intrusion alarms and access control. With professional installation and monitoring, intelligent camera systems become powerful video surveillance – and criminals will know to stay away from your highly protected property.

Access Control Systems

Not every part of a property is in need of access control, but certain restricted areas can be more effectively protected if electronic access control is in place. Employee check-in areas, security areas, equipment rooms, inventory rooms and back offices are just some examples of areas that should be restricted inside otherwise public buildings. Lock and key protection may be effective at keeping criminals out of those areas, but not nearly as effective as a card swipe station that eliminates the problem of lost keys. The system can be managed remotely, making it easy for managers to add and delete users as people are hired and terminated. When criminals see there’s no getting in, their plans are derailed and your assets are secured.

Remote Video Monitoring

Some areas of a building may not be monitored by security guards at certain times of day. To fill in the holes and prevent any breaches, building management can take advantage of a remote video monitoring service. This remote guard patrol watches the assigned area at assigned times and acts accordingly when security events take place. It may mean alerting the security staff on the ground, sounding the alarm, or calling local authorities to the scene depending on what’s taking place. There is also a voice-down capability that delivers a strong security message to trespassers, with the goal being to keep them away for good.

These are some of the most powerful ways to keep your building crime-proof all year long. For questions on electronic solutions for building security, New Jersey administrators can contact GuardMe Security.

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