Do You Really Know What is Going On?

After a long and exhausting day, you finally drift off to sleep. All of the sudden you hear a distant thud. Or did you? You were just in the middle of a dream, so maybe it was just part of your dream. But you really should find out, even as tired as you are.

Fortunately, with smart security and your home camera system, you do not even need to get out of bed to find out what is going on. All you need to do is check your phone’s security app and view live video or a video clip of any event.

Who is Around the Front Door?

You hear a rustling around the front door but nobody actually knocks. It could be a burglar, you think, or possibly a delivery person. You can’t know for sure unless you look to see who or what is on the other side of the door. One way is to open the door, which could make yourself vulnerable to any intruder. You might check the peephole, but the distorted image isn’t much help. With a video surveillance system and a video doorbell, you can check the camera to see who or what caused the noise.

The Kids are Creating a Ruckus

The kids are old enough to play alone in the backyard but that is no guarantee that they will do it without fighting or getting into other trouble. In fact, it is pretty much a sure thing that the Nurf war will erupt into an actual war. While you are busy taking care of other duties, you can monitor the kids with smart video monitoring by watching on your phone, tablet, computer or even streaming to your tv. Now you’ll always know “whodunit” –and have verifiable proof.

There Has Been Some Burglaries in the Neighborhood

You go outside to find the neighbor talking to law enforcement. Theirs was the third home on the street to be burglarized in the last three months and police suspect it could be the same person. Since your home is protected with home security, the police hope that your camera caught a glimpse of them. As it turns out, one of the cameras did capture them in the act in clear, crisp HD video.

What Happens When You Aren’t Home?

If you are waiting on a package or on visitors to arrive at your home but need to step away for a few minutes, it is difficult to know whether the visitor came while you were gone or if they are just late. Smart security cameras solve the problem by sending you alerts of activity.

Home security technologies from GuardMe are for far more than just protecting your property. They also keep you informed of what is going on inside and out, every hour of every day.

Craig Metzger
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