What to Do When There Has Been a Burglary in the Neighborhood

You wake up to find that your neighbor’s house has just been burglarized and now a million thoughts are running through your head. What if it had been your home? What if the kids were home? How did the burglars go unnoticed in such a small, tight community? What if they come back? Most importantly—what can you do to make your home and community more secure?

Though it is unnerving, it is smart to be concerned for community safety after a neighborhood crime like burglary. There is an increased likelihood of a second crime for many reasons, including the burglar’s now familiarity with the neighborhood. The steps you take now can protect your home. Here are 8 steps to take after a burglary in the neighborhood.

Gather More Information

Find out as much as you can about the crime. Knowing things like how the burglar gained entrance can help you evaluate your own security. Details such as what was taken can give you an indication as to whether it was one or more intruders.

Conduct a Security Evaluation

Evaluate your entire property for security weaknesses and find ways to address the problems. It is particularly important to address perimeter barriers, door and window security, and video surveillance.

Get a Security System

Burglars report that they are much less likely to burglarize a home that has visible home security measures.

Install Motion Activated Lights

Burglars want to do what they do without being seen or caught. Effective lighting is a strong and smart deterrent.

Join a Neighborhood Watch

If your neighborhood has a neighborhood watch program, join it. If it does not have one, start one. Joining together to proactively watch for crime increases your safety.

Talk to Neighbors About Home Security

Your home security system not only increases your security, but the security of the entire neighborhood. Even better, the more people within the neighborhood that have visible home security systems, the less attractive it becomes to criminals.

Develop Better Security Habits

Make better security habits a priority. For example, always lock doors and windows and set the home security alarm system and never advertise belongings.

Take Pictures of Your Valuables

If you have not already, take a pictorial inventory of your valuables for insurance purposes.

Important Security Tips

  • Criminals use the front door as their primary form of entry. Practice front door security by adding a video doorbell system and additional outdoor security cameras. Consider installing high security doors and smart locks.
  • Use home automation and alerts to warn you of any problems.
  • Use home automation to always appear home by setting scenes for lighting and entertainment.
  • Opt in to home security monitoring.

Neighborhood crime is concerning and unnerving. The best thing to do when there has been a crime in the neighborhood is to take action immediately to improve your safety. Since 1997, GuardMe Security has been helping residents do just that.

Craig Metzger
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