Saving Big on AC This Summer

Did you know that heating and cooling a home costs the average American family $900 every year? And with the hot summer months upon us, saving on your AC bill can account for a big, fat chunk of that $900. After all, most families in the area turn on the AC in the summer far more than they turn on the heat in the winter. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that energy-saving smart thermostats have skyrocketed in popularity.

What is a Smart Thermostat? 

A smart thermostat is equipped with a sensory system that reacts to the activity in a home and automatically adjusts itself in order to save energy. The more a smart thermostat knows, the more effective it can be at achieving this energy-saving goal.

Our smart thermostat is fully integrated into your home security system so it knows what’s going on in the home environment: whether people are home, whether people are expected to come home soon, etc. – and all of this amounts to some remarkably convenient ways to help out homeowners who are concerned about saving on the AC bill this summer.

What Makes a Smart Thermostat Smart

As most homes security system owners know, the contact sensors placed around the home are designed to alert the system any time a potential intruder is present. A smart home security system takes the intelligence provided by the contact sensors one step further, by using it to adjust the home’s temperature according to whether anyone is home or not. In a smart home security system, “waking up” the contact sensors by arming the system can trigger the smart thermostat to set back. Naturally, this saves the homeowner money on the electric bill by reducing the amount of time the AC is being used.

Another Option for Saving Money

With a smart thermostat, homeowners also have the option to automatically make the AC turn on when the temperature outside hits 95 degrees or higher. This is just another way to program your system for energy savings – and as anyone who pays attention to their summer electric bill knows, saving energy equals saving money.

About GuardMe Security

To learn more about saving on your AC bill come see us at GuardMe Security before the summer kicks off. Our highly qualified and experienced home security experts can answer all your questions on smart home technology, including smart thermostats. Call us today at (800) 235-0644.

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