Selling Your Home? Tips to Ensure Home Security

While your home is for sale, it is open to the public. From the photographs online to allowing complete strangers to walk through your home, you need to protect yourself. Homes for sale are prime targets for burglars, because they can scope it out online and even pretend to be an interested buyer while secretly seeing what you have to steal.

How to Protect Your Home While It Is For Sale

There are steps you can take to protect your home and personal belongings while you have your home listed, these include:

  • Activating Your Home Security System – If you have a home security system, make sure it is armed when you are away. If you do not have one, consider installing it before you list your home for sale.
  • Never Give Out Your Master Code – You will have to give agents your alarm code so that they can enter. Create a special user code for agents and never give out your master alarm code. Disable the temporary agent code when you are done showing so that nobody can use it later.
  • Do Not Leave Valuables Out – Before you take photographs or let anyone walk through your home, put valuables out of sight – this includes jewelry, money, DVDs, computer equipment, etc. If you can, consider moving all valuables to a safe or even a family member’s house so that they are out of sight from the snoopers too.
  • Skip Open Houses – Open houses allow people to walk through your house without an agent. Instead of having open houses, have your selling agent only do private showings.
  • Require Identification – Let your agent know that all potential buyers must furnish an official ID before walking through your house. This may deter potential burglars.

GuardMe Security can help you secure your home while it is on the market. Whether it is vacant or you are still living in it, our residential home security systems paired with security cameras can protect your home while it is vulnerable and open to strangers.

Call GuardMe Security experts today at (800) 235-0644 to learn more about our home security solutions.

Craig Metzger
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