Smart Home Technologies Home Buyers Want Most

If you have a home on the market right now and have home automation, you are in a really great place. Seasonality plays an important role in the housing market. Activities swell during the spring and summer months, and drop some in fall and winter. In addition to seasonality giving you a seller’s edge, having home automation boosts the attractiveness of your home considerably according to real estate experts at Inman. Today’s buyers don’t want just any home; They want smart homes.  

Home Buyers Are Willing to Pay More for Smart Homes

Real estate industry surveys and statistics show that buyers are not only more interested in a home with smart technologies, they are also willing to pay more for homes with the right technologies. The smart home technologies home buyers want most range from safety features to convenience. Here are the top 7.

Smart Security

While granite counter tops were the must-have feature for years, smart security is what tips the scale for home buyers today. Home sellers are ahead of the game if their home has smart security features such as smart locks, video doorbells, smart cameras and motion sensors.

Smart Thermostats

Energy conservation helps also tops the list of desirable home features. The desire to create a smaller footprint, conserve energy, as well as utility savings drives homebuyers to homes with smart thermostats. These smart devices improve energy efficiency and offer buyers significant cost savings.

Smart Garage Doors

Serving as both a convenience and a safety feature, homebuyers see smart garage doors as a huge plus. The ability to close the door if forgotten, or to use as a way to let in service providers or neighbors in an emergency is an advantage not lost on those looking for their next home.

Smart Security Cameras

No matter where you live, security is a huge concern and any feature that improves it makes your home far more attractive. Since 60% of burglars polled said they would avoid a home with security cameras and the presence of a home security system, these solutions are a very positive selling point.

Leak Detection and Other Environmental Sensors

Environmental sensors are an early warning system that helps prevent disasters caused by burst or leaking pipes, overheating machinery, gas leaks, carbon monoxide, and more. They are very desirable to today’s homebuyer because they provide added peace of mind and protect against many unseen dangers.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is also important to buyers– and for good reason. While the ability to turn lights off and on from anywhere is convenient and practical, it also adds a lot to security the property. Never having to walk into a dark house or having the ability to make the home look occupied at all times, is something homebuyers want, and expect.

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