Smart Savings with Smart Thermostats & Home Security

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Whether it’s the cold winter or hot summer, many people see their energy bill skyrocket during these harsh seasons. Home automation provides the perfect solution for saving money when you install a smart thermostat.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

Ordinary thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature in your home. Smart home thermostats learn from your home’s activity and adjust the temperature settings accordingly so that your system works efficiently.

The intelligent thermostat connects to your Wi-Fi to change these settings for optimal performance. Once it learns your habits and temperature preferences, it establishes a schedule and automatically adjusts to settings that save energy when you’re away from home or asleep.

The smart home thermostat integrates with your security system and the two work together to keep you safe and save energy. The contact sensors that alert the security system that an intruder is breaching an opening also provide information to the thermostat when a window is left open. The thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature to minimize energy waste. You’ll also receive an alert on your smartphone. The heating and cooling system remains in energy saving mode until someone closes the door or window.

Geo-Fencing with Your Home Alarm System

Another great feature of the smart home thermostat is geo-fencing. Geo-fencing sets invisible boundaries, and once you cross them, your thermostat adjusts the temperature settings. If you leave to go on vacation or just go to work, the system sets the thermostat back to save energy. On your way home, the temperature adjusts again to your preferred settings. You’ll come home to a comfortable house.

Smart Thermostats Save Even When You Forget

You set your alarm and then jump into bed to get a good night’s sleep. Then you realize that you forgot to set the thermostat back. Never fear, your smart thermostat works with your security system and automatically adjusts the temperature when you set your alarm at night.

Just arming your security system can prompt your home automation to close the blinds and turn off the lights as well as adjust the thermostat settings. It also allows you to create scenes that you can label such as ‘Nighttime’ that will trigger the system to do all of these tasks at once.

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Over time you’ll see significant energy savings thanks to your smart home thermostat. For information on smart home technology that integrates with your security system, contact GuardMe to request a no-obligation consultation.

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