Why are Smart Security Cameras So Popular?

There is no question that smart home technology is revolutionizing how we live our lives. In fact, experts believe that by 2022, and individual home will have an average of 500 smart devices. So, what smart device is the cart topper? A recent statistic gives us a clue: In 2015, 61% of smart home revenue came from security cameras. Why is the smart security camera the most popular smart home device?

You Can See What Matters, Instantly

There is never a need to wonder what is going on at home or if your valuables are safe when smart cameras provide instant alerts with smart clip capture. Smart cameras also make it easy to check in on the kids or pets and see them in real time and be sure they are safe in the event of an alarm.

You Can Set Custom Alerts

Smart security cameras are connected to the security system and because of this you can gain even greater insights with custom triggers. You can choose to receive alerts for the triggers that matter to you most, such as when a car pulls into the driveway, a package delivery, when the front door is opened or an alarm event.

You Can Protect Your Family with Push Notification

Imagine being sound asleep and there is an intruder near the front door, just feet away from your children. It would be terrifying if not for your security tools. When your camera detects motion, it can send a push notification to your phone. This allows you to react quickly by turning on the siren and call the police in a matter of seconds. Even better, you can receive push notifications no matter where you are so you can protect your family even if you are miles away.

Smart Cameras Capture Pre-alarm and Post-alarm Footage Automatically

In the event of an alarm event, smart cameras automatically capture both pre-alarm and post-alarm footage. Together with alerts gained from the security sensors placed within the home, you have a complete picture of any unusual activity, along with video proof.

Smart Cameras are Affordable

In addition to a slew of other advantages, smart cameras are affordable. Thanks to the widespread availability of the components that comprise smart camera technology, the cameras are incredibly affordable.

If you have any questions about this or other smart home technology, give GuardMe Security a call. Guardme has been family owned and operated for over 20 years.

Craig Metzger
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