Wellness Solutions Offer Real Answers for Real Life

The ability to automate and control your environment simply from one interface is not just convenient, for some it is the difference between being able to live safely and independently. For anyone with physical limitations, home automation offers a tool that expands the boundaries of possibilities in ways we could only imagine just a decade ago.

Never Before Have We Had So Many Tools

Thanks to the rapid developments in “machine learning”, or adaptive learning and automation, and explosion of powerful portable interconnected devices—home automation is causing revolutionary change in the way we care for our bodies, minds, and spirits. Certainly, these tools have changed the way we communicate and engage with society, but now we can use them collectively to change how we connect to, experience, and give meaning to our world.

Never More Rewarding Than in Wellness Care

Perhaps the single most rewarding application of home automation is in wellness care. The rapid proliferation of technologies makes it easier than ever to meet specific needs and tailor care to any individual, whether it is providing the caregiver oversight or offering new opportunity to anyone suffering from any debilitating condition.

Advantages in Wellness

Here are some ways home automation offers a non-intrusive solution in wellness care.

  • Adaptive learning allows your system to understand your activity patterns and alert if anything is out of the ordinary.
  • Integrates with Personal Emergency Response Pendants
  • Increased awareness of daily activities means you know if your loved one is getting about well, or has isolated themselves in their room.
  • Receiving alerts is helpful when you are concerned about things like wandering.
  • Security and automation features also simplify daily routines for increased safety.
  • Where physical limitations exist, home automation features make a multitude of tasks doable from one platform enhancing independence and comfort.

Smarter Care is Better Care

By taking advantage of the vast array of applications available in home automation, people who otherwise might struggle in some areas of life are afforded additional freedom and opportunities they once thought out of reach. The technology provides tools while protecting dignity, and independence without sacrificing health needs.

If you are looking for a way to simplify your life or want to provide additional care to a loved one, call GuardMe Security today. We have been your trusted, locally owned, single source provider for over 20 years.

Craig Metzger
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