Today’s Front Porch Security

It was not that long ago that people rarely locked their front doors. Communities were fairly safe, you knew your neighbors, and people generally looked out for each other. It was also a matter of convenience. Family members were always coming and going at different times and kids never remembered their keys. It was also not uncommon to be providing access for a neighbor who needed to borrow or return something. Leaving the door unlocked was far easier than trying to coordinate schedules and manage lost or forgotten keys.

The New Door to Our Lives

While the days of leaving your door unlocked might be gone, front door convenience and security does not have to be, thanks to home automation and smart security features. Today, technology offers the convenience we want and the security we need without sacrificing the warmth of a welcoming home.

Smart Locks are a Smart Solution

Smart locks solve a multitude of security and scheduling issues. With smart locks, you never need to worry about lost or forgotten keys because physical keys become obsolete. Unique access codes (or even biometrics!) allow each person to gain access and even let you know via text who gets home and when. Even if you are away from home, you can use the smart app to grant temporary access to a neighbor or service provider or suspend access if needed. An integrated system can even disarm your system when you enter your access code.

What Did We Do Without Doorbell Cameras?

Now that doorbell cameras are commonplace it is hard to imagine what we ever did without them. Doorbell cameras allow you to view who is at the door before going to the door, so you always know if it is safe or worth disrupting your schedule. If it is not something that needs addressing, or if it is someone unknown to you, you can answer the door through the integrated speaker so you do not need to open the door or make yourself vulnerable to possible danger. Video doorbells are also motion activated so you can receive texts when there is suspicious activity around the door and view video clips of the activity. This is a huge security advantage as many burglars will knock at the door to see if you are home before trying to make entry.

Automated Lighting Illuminates (and Prevents) Problems

Burglars, vandals, and anyone else looking to cause problems want to do what they do without being seen. Adequate front porch lighting is a huge deterrence. Having motion sensitive automated lighting means that their activity can trigger the lights to go on, or you can control the lights (and just about everything else in your home) all from your smart phone.

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Craig Metzger
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