The Ultimate Parents Smart Home Security Checklist for the Fall

Parents Smart Home Security Checklist

As kids grow, our worries are supposed to diminish. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen — but the good news is, there are lots of things parents can do to minimize their concerns as kids get older and more independent. Here are some ways you can get your smart home security system involved. Be sure to add these items to your checklist.

Add a Smart Lock

If you’re someone who is prone to losing keys, you could be wasting hours of time every week on fumbling, searching and digging around. And if you lose keys, aren’t your kids likely to follow in your footsteps? Rather than dismiss keys as one of life’s necessary inconveniences, you could eliminate keys altogether with a smart lock for your front door. This gives you eyless entry into your home.

Set Up User Codes

You and the kids can get all those hours of lost time back by adding a smart lock onto your system. The next step is to set up your own entry codes for the system; you can share one code or each have your own. This provides a secure way to get into the house whether you’re together as a family or arriving home separately.

Add an Image Sensor

An image sensor is one of the most exciting features of smart home security. As the kids get older and there are more occasions for them to come and go after school, you’ll want to see who they might be bringing with them. The image sensor has a motion sensor with an on-board camera that lets you do that. Whether you have it mounted in the inside entryway or overlooking the front door, it can take a snapshot the moment they arrive. As kids become teens, this ability to keep tabs on who they’re bringing home can become even more valuable.

These are some of the most useful features for parents to add on as their kids grow up. For questions on any of these smart home security items, call us to request a complimentary consultation.

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