Valentine’s Day Safety Tips

It is easy to be caught up in the romance of Valentine’s Day. From the chocolates to the flowers to the romantic candlelight dinners, you have a lot going on. Small errors or neglect is all it takes for huge safety and security issues. This Valentine’s Day, you can have a lovely time while still staying on top of everyone’s well-being.

Candle and Fire Safety—Kindle Up the Romance, but Not Your Home

If you are partial to candlelight during your Valentine’s Day activities or even a crackling fire, you need to practice caution. While a fireplace, outdoor torches and indoor candles pose minimum risk when used properly, the chances are you will be more occupied with your party guests or your private dinner.

  • Do not leave candles burning; instead, blow them out if you leave a room.
  • Do not leave blankets or clothing next to an open flame – including your fireplace.
  • Inspect your fireplace before using it, especially if you have not turned it on in a few months. A dirty fireplace is a serious fire hazard.
  • Keep an eye on meals on the stovetop or in the oven – set timers if you have a hard time remembering.
  • Check your home’s smoke detectors to ensure they are working properly.

This Valentine’s Day, you can have a lovely time while still staying on top of everyone’s well-being.

Protecting Your Home While You Are Away

Whether you are off to a romantic getaway, headed out to dinner or just going to a party with friends, burglars are on the lookout for vacant homes on Valentine’s. You can keep your home off their radar just by being prepared.

  • Use your home’s automation system to set timers for interior and exterior lights. Turn them on so that burglars think you are home.
  • If leaving for a few days, put a hold on your mail or have a trusted neighbor collect the mail for you.
  • Do a quick walk-through and make sure all points of entry (including basements and garages) are locked.
  • Activate your home security system before you take off; even if you are leaving for a few hours.

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