Video Monitoring: No More FOMO

FOMO- Fear of Missing Out for the parent is as inevitable as teething is for the baby or after school mayhem for middle-schoolers. As a busy parent, it is impossible to be everywhere at once. As much as we wish we could be with our children for every special moment, missing some of those daily moments is inevitable. Frankly, it kills us. We hate missing out on seeing the routine of life that happens while we are taking care of other needful things. It is a feeling that never quite goes away.
How many times do we say to ourselves that there must be a better way? If we can put a man on the moon with less technology than in today’s cars, surely there must be a way for parents to enjoy more of those moments that make up daily life. The great news is that there really is a better way.

Your Security System is for More Than Security

Of course, you bought your security system with protection in mind, but it can also be a tool to help banish FOMO and keep you connected to those special moments.
Instead of hearing from the babysitter what has gone on all day, or spend time worrying what else went on all day, you can use security technology to see for yourself. And you won’t believe how much it helps.

You Feel More Connected

Most parents can relate to that left-out feeling you get when someone tells you about an exciting moment that happened while you are away. You can alleviate that feeling by tapping into their life at home through your security cameras and security app on your phone. Do you know that are getting home from a field trip or a day of fun? See their excitement for yourself.

It Lessons (Your) Separation Anxiety

Hey, we know. No judgement here. We want to be with our kids. It is just that simple. And we worry about them every moment that they are not with us. Now you can tap in and ease that anxiety.

You Can Know Things are On Track

If you are not home to make sure the homework is out and the television is off, being able to take a peek can be a real asset in keeping everything on track.

It Helps You Stay Productive

It is pretty difficult to stay completely focused when you are worried about the kids. It is easy to let our minds wander then get caught up. We may not realize it, but it can be a huge time robber. What is amazing about using your security technology is that one quick check-in on your phone to access your video cameras can immediately put your mind at ease and help you focus on the tasks at hand.

Is it time to banish FOMO? Call GuardMe Security today at (877) 969-2093 for interactive smart security systems. It is always on, protecting your family 24/7.

Craig Metzger
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