Your Dog or a Security System: Which One is More Dependable?

Love your dog buy still get home security

Everyone loves your dog: your family, your neighbors, the kids’ friends. Everyone, that is, except for the burglar who tries to break into your home.

So, does that mean your “Beware of Dog” sticker – or better yet, the visual of dogs in your yard – is enough to keep criminals away? Not necessarily. Here are some reasons why.

Your dog’s senses aren’t foolproof.

Dogs have incredibly sharp senses of hearing, smell and touch – and, some of them have great instincts to boot. Nonetheless, they still fall short compared to human senses. While some breeds have a great capacity for detecting danger, others come from breeds known for their “not so bright” intellects. These are the dogs that will bark at everyone from the mailman who comes every day, to some of your most frequently visiting friends. If that describes your dog, then his senses simply can’t be relied on.

Compare that to a professionally installed and monitored home security system, which is designed to detect home intrusion accurately and consistently. The system is connected to the central station, where it is being monitored 24/7 so that help will be on its way the moment an intruder is detected.

Your dog isn’t connected to the central station.  

Speaking of the central station, your lovable pet isn’t connected to it. He’s adorable and loyal, but he lacks a cellular connection (well, doesn’t he?). Your security system does have this connection, and it powers the system’s ability to get an operator on the phone with you immediately, with help already being sent, the moment the alarm is activated.

Your dog can be falsely convinced of someone’s innocence.

Unlike a security system, your pet can be convinced by a criminal. How? Usually, it’s as simple as a piece of meat. And believe it or not, experienced home intruders come prepared.

Unlike your pet, your security system has a built-in feature that will even connect to the monitoring center if a criminal attempts to smash the alarm panel. Your pet may be easily influenced, but your security system is not.

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Craig Metzger
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