Weather Alert Protection from Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security helps on weather conditions

Ah, autumn on the East Coast – it lasts for only a little while, and then harsher weather will be upon us. Maybe you’re used to it, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Harsh weather can do real damage, and homeowners need real tools to protect their families and property from it.

How We Can Help

Luckily, we have something that can help: smart home security systems. New Jersey homeowners who choose to protect their homes with these upgraded security systems have access to real-time weather alerts, with the assurance that the data is accurate because it comes directly from the National Weather Service. It doesn’t get more accurate than that! Here’s how it works.

They Alert Us, We Alert You

As soon as we receive National Weather Service information regarding rain, snow, lightning, a tornado or even a wildfire approaching your area, we immediately send a signal to your home security system. You, along with your neighbors who also have smart home security protection, will know about the weather threat in time to move your family inside the house and away from the danger. You’ll also receive an alert when the conditions have passed, so you can breathe a sigh of relief before everyone else!

But what if you’re away from the home? Smart home security can still help you protect your pets and property. By knowing that inclement weather or other environmental conditions are approaching, you can ask someone you trust to go to the house and retrieve your pets, or turn off your power or water main if the situation calls for it.

Speaking of Protecting the Home

Speaking of protecting your property, smart home security can also help you spare your home from the costly flood damage risks of bursting pipes in the winter. This is done via flood sensors and temperature threshold alerts in the system. When you receive an alert regarding water detection of low temperature, you can do what you need to do to address the issue.

To learn more about smart home technology that solves real challenges homeowners face, contact GuardMe today. We will be happy to meet you for a free home security consultation.

Craig Metzger
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