3 Reasons to Add a Doorbell Camera for Home Security

In the past, a person at the front door meant you had to run up to the peephole and verify who it was. These tiny lenses are difficult to see through and don’t work for nighttime use, however. You want your home to be as safe as possible, and that goal can be achieved with a doorbell camera.

GuardMe Security is pleased to announce that SkyBell, a subtle doorbell camera installed on your front porch can now be integrated seamlessly with your existing Alarm.com home automation system – giving you a perfect view of visitors at your front door.

Consider some of the best reasons to add a doorbell camera to your home and enhance everyday security.

You’re Always Home

Criminals will often test your property to see if anyone is home. They might call your landline or even knock on the door. When you have a doorbell camera, you’re always home. As soon as the button is pressed, the audio-and-video technology is transmitted to your mobile device. You answer the doorbell with a hello that’s audible to the person outside. The person assumes that you’re inside the home as you continue the conversation. In reality, you might be at work or running errands. Give the person an excuse to not answer the door, such as being in the bathroom, and finish the conversation. Because the person thinks you’re home, they might look for another target that’s easier to gauge.

Video and Snapshot Capabilities

You may live in a safe neighborhood, but many criminals single out nice areas because of lucrative items. Fancy cars, electronics and other items may attract criminals to your home. Your doorbell camera isn’t just a live-monitoring device though. It’s possible to record video and snap photos of people on your doorstep. If a person is behaving in an unusual manner, you can snap a photo and send it to the police. Any issues that arise with that person will be fully documented by your system. This fact alone is enough to deter some criminals from your home. The doorbell camera is obvious as they press the button.

Motion Sensing and Night Vision

You don’t have to worry about activating video on your own because these cameras have a motion-sensor function. When motion is sensed near the door, the camera is automatically activated. You’re notified through your mobile device as well. The button doesn’t have to be pushed in order for you to know that someone is on your property. This detection is also possible at night. You’ll be able to see clear video and make crisp photos of people at your door during the night.

Using the peephole and guessing who is at the door can be a thing of the past. The images on our doorbell cameras are just as good as daytime visuals. Simply keep your doorbell’s lens clean, and you’ll always know who is at your door 24 hours a day. Most doorbell cameras are wireless so their installation is relatively simple. However, programming the system and integrating it into your existing system can be easily done by one of our friendly, qualified technicians.

Contact GuardMe Security today. Our team can upgrade your system as soon as possible. Keep your property and family safe with a doorbell camera installed by qualified professionals.


Craig Metzger
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