Introducing Our New Integration With Skybell

Smartphone technology has changed our daily lives for the better. There are so many great killer apps that we use on a day to day basis that help us out a ton. While there has been a ton of innovation when it comes to mobile apps, one area that hasn’t had too much development is the realm of mobile home security applications, but now that has changed. Introducing Skybell, a device that will let you easily use your phone as a home security viewing screen.

It’s a combination of a doorbell, and a security camera that will provide you with a live feed of who’s at your door. What’s even greater about it is that it will allow you to speak to anyone trying to get in. If you have someone trying to drop off a package at your place and you’re busy, you can let them know. There are endless applications that this device has. Let’s take a closer look and see some of the best benefits.

The Doorbell

When you think of home security systems, you’ll generally be thinking about a passive camera feed or something that will trigger a security firm to send police officers to your home if someone tries to break in. While this app covers those security measures, it also provides you with an instant update whenever someone simply rings your doorbell.

The Video Feed

Security cameras are great, but they’re not something you can spend watching all day. You’ll be able to take advantage of Skybell’s video feed wherever and whenever you want by watching it on your mobile device.

The Two Way Communication

One of the best things about Skybell is the ability to talk with anyone at your door wherever you are. Even if you’re out of the house, you can still communicate with anyone who’s trying to give you a buzz. They easily communicate back, as well.

The Motion Sensor

Skybell is great for visitors but also has security features baked right in. It provides its users with a great motion sensor that can let you know whenever someone crosses its path, even if they don’t ring the doorbell.

The Smart Phone Compatibility

When you think of doorbells or security systems or intercoms, none of these things are new. What is new is how Skybell has integrated them all into one easy to use and fleshed out system. You have one device that will cover your doorbell needs, your ability to speak with any guests, and your security needs as well. Also, since it’s a mobile app, you can easily utilize it wherever you are in the world.

The Integration

Having a sense of security is great but it can often be quite a hassle when you have multiple security devices made by different companies and you just want them to work together easily. Luckily, Skybell integrates easily with the rest of your products, which means connecting all your systems together won’t require any headache on your part. Just contact GuardMe Security today set schedule a consultation and seamless installation with the rest of your home automation system.


Craig Metzger
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