3 Smart Things Your Video Doorbell Can Do To Protect Your Home and Family

Video Doorbell

The video doorbell becomes more popular every year because it takes home security to the next level, taking the power away from porch pirates and thieves. Strategy Analytics predicts that people all over the world will spend almost $8 million on smart home cameras in 2019, and that includes video doorbells. By 2023, global camera sales could surge to over 111 million units per year. Here are some of the nifty things the video doorbell can do to enhance home security.

1.     Answer Your Door From Any Location

Every time someone rings your doorbell, it sounds just like a traditional chime. You’ll receive an alert on your smartphone. To communicate with your visitors, simply press the button in the alert, and you’ll be able to interact through a live video feed.

You can see them, but they can’t see you, so your visitor has no idea that you’re answering in the elevator at work. This feature makes it look like someone is always home reducing the likelihood that your house will become the target of a burglary.

2.     Catch Suspicious Activity in Progress

Your video doorbell also acts as a fully functioning security camera for your front porch. So, it pulls double duty. Activated by motion, the doorbell sends you smart clips of the activity on your porch and driveway  in an alert to your smartphone. The clips are stored in the cloud so you can view them at any time.

The video doorbell can even turn on the porch light at night when activity triggers the camera, so you’ll have a bright, detailed picture of the activity. If your camera detects criminal activity on your property, you can download the video clip and share it with law enforcement.

3.     Keep Your Packages Safe

What do you do when you’re expecting an important package and don’t want someone to steal it from your porch? There’s no need to worry because you have a video doorbell. When the delivery person rings the doorbell, you can ask them to place the package inside your house. Simply unlock your smart lock with your phone and then lock up again once the delivery driver closes the front door.

A video doorbell watches your house no matter where you are. When you can answer the door no matter where you are, your house always appears to be occupied. This smart technology watches your back 24/7 and is a critical part of a home security system.

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