4 Benefits of a Wireless Camera System

It is hard to believe just how wireless our society has become. Knowing that a huge segment of today’s society has never used or seen a rotary phone, and some have never had anything but a cell phone. It seems like everything has gone wireless, including home security systems. While sometimes it is hard to see new things take the forefront, wireless home security camera systems have some tremendous advantages that will make you want to cut the wires.

The biggest advantage of wireless security camera systems is that they are, of course, wire-free. So, that may be obvious, but what does it mean in a practical sense?

More Installation Options

Wired systems depend on being physically connected. This means that they can encounter physical barriers that make it difficult or impossible to install in certain areas. Wireless camera systems do not have this problem and can be placed anywhere within the system area.

Faster Installation

Wireless camera installation is much simpler than for wired cameras, which can require making holes in the wall and managing all of the lines or wires. Easier and faster installation means very little mess and disruption to your day.

Get Instant Alerts

With traditional wired surveillance systems, you have to wait to review the recorded tape to see if anything went wrong. With wireless security cameras, you can get an alert the moment motion triggers them. The alert goes directly to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop so you can instantly evaluate the situation and decide if it needs your attention or that of law enforcement. It is also far easier to find the recorded event and can go right to it, rather than have to view hours of unrelated and uneventful images. It is also useful in daily, practical living, too! Instant alerts let you see video of kids arriving safely home from school.

View Live Video Feeds

Another advantage to wireless security camera technology is the ability to view live feed, any time and from anywhere. From your smart device, you can tap into individual cameras to view live feed so you can ensure teens or seniors are safe, or monitor caregivers. Any time you like, you can check in on pets or check the status of the home for added peace of mind. You can also check outdoor camera feeds to monitor anyone lurking around the property or check on any suspicious activity.

That means you can check in on the home, valuables, family, or pets any time right from your phone to make sure everything is okay.

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Craig Metzger
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