6 Ways Home Automation Can Keep Halloween Safer

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There are many ways we can help keep everyone safe during Halloween such as driving slowly, wear reflective clothing, and inspecting candy before it is consumed. There are additional ways we can improve safety on this fun night, however, and home automation is the key.

Home Automation may seem like an unlikely tool in Halloween safety, but it makes a lot of sense to include it in your safety plan. Here are some reasons why.

You Can Know Who Gets Home When, Even if You are Not Home

If you have more than one child, they may want to join friends that sends them in another direction. With home automation, you can receive alerts knowing they made it home. You can also remotely lock the door, because the chances are pretty good that they forgot.

Keep Visitors Safer

It is always important to keep visitors as safe as possible. Use your home automation system to keep the accessible areas well-lit so children are not falling over yard features or cracks in the walkway.

View Who is at the Door

Do not become complacent about safety practices because it is Halloween. Use your video feed to see who is at the door before opening it.

Deter Halloween Tricks

Halloween usually brings an increase in pranks. While some are harmless, others can be a huge inconvenience, or be dangerous or destructive. To deter vandalism, use home automation to  keep the property well-lit and to look home even if you are not.

Keep Your Home Private

On any other day we would avoid providing full view of our home from the street, and that shouldn’t change on Halloween. Burglars like to have information about a home before they strike and Halloween provides a clear view of your home. Instead of keeping the door open wide, use home automation technologies to alert you to approaching visitors and meet them outside.

Deter Burglars By Simulating Occupancy

No burglar wants to get caught; that’s why they strike when residents are least likely to be home. Be home even when you aren’t by scheduling things like lighting and media to make it look like you are home. The uncertainty this causes is enough to make most burglars move on to a different target.

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