Back-to School Home Security Tips

Back-to-school can present quite a few scheduling challenges for parents, and sometimes it is necessary for older children to be home alone for short periods of time. Even while we allow our children to gain some independence, keeping them safe always remains the top priority. It is a nerve-wracking time for parents but there are some ways to ease your anxiety and increase your kid’s safety using your home security system and some simple safety practices during the back to school months.

Take a look at these steps and see if you can do anything to increase the safety of your child’s time home alone.

  • Install a Home Security and Home Surveillance System. Home security systems make your home a very unattractive target to burglars or to anyone wanting to enter your home. With home surveillance, you can tap in to live footage to check in on the kids or to make sure there is no unusual activity going on outside the property.
  • Set Up Arrival Notifications. Interactive home security systems allow you to receive notifications when the system is accessed. This can help you know that your children have arrived home safely.
  • Use Your System to Look Home. If you have a home automation system, use it to simulate home occupancy. This makes it difficult to tell whether the kids are actually home alone as it is difficult to tell that anyone has left.
  • Teach the Kids How to Use the Home Security System. Knowing how to do things like check outside video footage can help them know that they are safe or verify that it is a trusted person at the door, so that the door is only opened when necessary.
  • Teach Your Kids About Stranger Danger. Kids need to know that strangers can pose as door-to-door sales people, utility workers, or someone needing help. Remind kids that is an adult needs help, they know to go to the police, not someone’s door.
  • Make Sure Your Kids Know How to Call 911. It is a simple thing but many parents overlook this.
  • Team Up with Neighbors. If you have trusted neighbors, team up with them to keep kids in the neighborhood safe. For after school parties or check-ins and keep all parents in the loop.
  • Have Snacks Prepared. Fires are a real danger so to avoid them, have snacks already prepared for after school hunger.

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With help from your home security system, you can remain in control and have a watchful eye on the kids, even if they arrive home before you do. If you have any questions about home security or how it can help manage the busy school year, please give GuardMe a call. We have been your neighbor for over 20 years.

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