Hot Home Security Topic: Reducing False Alarms

A lot has changed with fire alarm systems over the years, with systems getting increasingly sensitive, yet increasingly accurate. Fire alarm systems of the past suffered from “false alarm syndrome”  with systems being accidentally or unduly set off due to various circumstances. These occurrences led to “occupant conditioning” and residents began to ignore alarms. This pattern of response resulted in injury and even loss of life in some cases. Today, fire alarm systems are more reliable and accurate than ever, but we still need to do our part to proactively reduce false alarms.

Reliability and Pro-activeness Go Hand In Hand

Nobody wants to “cry wolf” and when you have a monitored fire alarm system reducing false alarms is a top priority. False alarms can result in unnecessary dispatches of emergency responders and increase their response times to actual events and emergencies.Over the last two decades, fire alarm systems have become much more technologically complex and accurate which has reduced false alarms considerably. However, keeping the number of false alarms to a minimum requires proactiveness on all fronts. Here are some ways we can reduce false alarms together:

Choose Qualified Fire Alarm System Installers

Accuracy starts at the foundation. Choose properly trained and certified fire and security system experts will know best practices concerning the proper installation of your system, and how all the components work together. Proper installation will help you avoid the problems that often lead to false alarm situations.

Know How Your System Works

Get to know your fire alarm system well. Read all the literature provided and ask your system installer any questions you may have. The number one cause of false alarms is user error. In fact, 80% of all false alarms are due to user error.

Train All Users

If you have others, such as house sitters or service providers who will be using your system, be sure to train them on the proper usage of the system.

Keep the System Maintained

Regular inspections have been shown to reduce false alarms. Many things can contribute to changes in the effectiveness of your system such as home renovations or the addition of pets to the family.

Utilize All Capabilities

Choose a fully integrated system that ties your fire alarm system into your monitored home security system. If your system includes video surveillance cameras, you can log in and view your property to rule in or rule out any events.
Early warning of fire is essential to protect both life and property. Research shows that fires detected by monitored fire alarm systems tend to be smaller and at earlier stages than those fires detected by people. GuardMe Security is the first choice for security throughout the USA and has provided residential and commercial fire and life safety for over 20 years. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Craig Metzger
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