Comparing Home Security System Costs

As technology improves year over year, the cost of a home security system gets more and more affordable. In the past, before wireless security systems, the cost of installation meant paying for the repairs after installers tore out parts of the wall for wiring and space for bulky cameras, video recorders, monitors, and motion-sensing devices. Years ago, a home security system was expensive.

The latest features in home security system are a far cry from the monitors, blinking lights, and keypads that have changed over to slick, low-cost, and low-profile equipment that homeowners control with just a few clicks.

Homeowners can now:

  • Lock and unlock their doors from miles away
  • Visually check on pets, kids, teens, and seniors
  • Arm and disarm the system from work
  • Control the temperature and lights from their smartphone
  • Receive text alerts when someone comes home
  • And much more

Baby boomers and empty nesters are finding the technology features very useful and easy to use. The cost is relatively low compared to the features you enjoy. Wireless cameras are small and very affordable, yet the peace of mind is priceless. The reliability of home security systems and the reduction in false alarms means not having to pay fees to emergency responders – another fact that keeps the overall cost of the systems very low.

Integrated home security systems from GuardMe Security can be extremely affordable. Without the high installation costs, you can start enjoying the benefits of your home security system much sooner. Monitoring service fees have come down a long way from their previous highs and this fact makes your home security system more cost-effective. Your homeowners’ insurance plan also gives discounts to homeowners who install a home security system – often it is enough to negate the cost of installation.

To learn more about the savings you can enjoy with a home security system, call the expert team at GuardMe Security: (800) 235-0644. Or click here to ask a question about the installation and monitoring costs to compare home security systems.

Craig Metzger
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