Your Home is Your Window to the World…and to Burglars?

Your home’s windows are what open you up to the world. They make your home feel bigger, brighter and more enjoyable. Unfortunately, what you enjoy about windows is also what potential burglars enjoy: the view. Luckily, you can still enjoy a home with many windows just by knowing how to properly secure them.

Secure Your Windows to Ensure Greater Home Security

From peeping toms to potential thieves, your windows let others see in just as much as you see out. By properly securing those windows, you can deter burglars and even catch those lurking on your property in the act. To secure your windows, you need to take precautions based on the type of window you are securing.

  • Double Hung Windows – These types of windows have two operable sections that slide up and down. Secure these with a window sensor placed on the side pane that is connected to the frame of the window, and another sensor on the inner frame. These should be lined up so that the magnetic strips are in line with one another. If they become misaligned, it will trip your home’s alarm.
  • Awning Windows – These are windows that are hinged and open out (typically using a crank handle to open/close). Sensors are placed in the same location on awning windows as they are for double hung windows. Just be sure to place the sensor where it separates as the window opens.
  • Casement Windows – These also swing outward, but only open on one side. Use a similar technique to awning windows for arming casement windows.
  • Horizontally Sliding Windows – These windows slide open horizontally, similar to a sliding glass door. Place a security bar in the track when the window is closed to keep anyone from sliding it open. As for sensors, place one on the side frame and one on the inner pane. You can also add a glass-breaking sensor to these types of windows.
  • Sealed Windows – Some homes have windows that do not open. These types of windows should be secured with a glass-breaking sensor.

Deciding how to secure your windows can be difficult on your own. Your local home security experts can assess each window in your home, offer tips and insights, and even help wire your home security system to monitor when windows open and close as well as if the glass is broken.

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