Protecting Your Home from Package Thieves

Package theft is a growing problem in the United States, especially as more Americans take advantage of online shopping. Unfortunately, while consumers anxiously wait for their packages to arrive, so do package thieves. These individuals monitor neighborhoods for packages sitting unattended on doorsteps. They may even trail local delivery companies and pick up packages as they are delivered.

Tips for Preventing Package Theft

If you are ordering frequently online or expecting a package, there are ways to thwart these thieves from stealing your merchandise as it sits on your porch. Next time you are waiting for a package, use these tips:

  • Monitor – Get a tracking number from the company sending your package and monitoring the delivery activity closely. Know what day the package is expected to arrive and be on the lookout for that package. Some companies offer text and email delivery notifications, telling you that the package has been dropped off and where it was left.
  • Request a Signature – To ensure the package is delivered to someone in your home, request a signature. If you will not be home, request that the package is left at a shipping center for your pickup.
  • Install Security Cameras – While security cameras may not always deter package thieves, they will catch them in the act. Have one camera focused on your doorstep so that you can get a picture of the package thief. Then, make sure to have another camera pointed at your driveway or the street so that you can catch the getaway vehicle’s make, model and hopefully, the license plate.
  • Have It Delivered to a Neighbor – If you work during the day, but have a trustworthy neighbor at home throughout the day, see if you can have your packages delivered to their house instead of yours.
  • Insure Packages – When you are sending a package, insure it so that if it is lost or stolen, you are not losing the cost of the merchandise.
  • Leave Delivery Instructions – Most companies will accept delivery instructions for packages. You can request that they leave the package in an inconspicuous place; such as behind a bush by your front porch.

When home security cameras are easily visible, package thieves are less likely to steal from your doorstep. GuardMe Security can install home security cameras and link them to your home security system so that you not only protect valuables sitting on your porch, but also protect your entire home.


Craig Metzger
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