Smart Home Solutions Help Seniors Live Independently

Thanks to technology advancements over the last decade, our seniors can continue to live at home safely without the fear of being sent to live in a nursing home. Remote monitoring and smart home automation work together to provide the perfect solution for managing senior wellness at home. This security solution is proactive instead of reactive, alerting caregivers if the system detects a change in patterns or a risk.

Remote Monitoring

Caregivers have peace of mind with remote monitoring because someone is always watching their loved one. Tasks such as managing medications, ensuring their safety at home, supervising medical appointments as well as managing finances, shopping for groceries, and monitoring family members can be overwhelming for people trying care for loved ones without being obtrusive.

There are numerous monitoring devices available today to protect your loved ones from medical or safety emergencies. These devices alert caregivers of any changes or risks using a smartphone app. For urgent situations a 24/7 monitoring center contacts emergency services while notifying someone on a list of keyholders.

Medical Alert Devices

The emergency pendant has been on the market for decades and alerts a monitoring center when your family member pushes the emergency button. The alarm center checks with the senior while alerting people on a list of family members of the incident. If they can’t reach anyone on the list or the situation is an emergency, the alarm center notifies emergency services. This technology has advanced to alert authorities if the person falls without requiring them to press a button.

Home Motion Sensors

These sensors notify caregivers of unusual activity in the home. Front door sensors and cameras alert if they detect significant movement and sensors placed on the bed detect if your loved one gets up after they’ve gone to bed for the night. Sensors can even be placed on medicine cabinets to track activity or let someone know if the senior left a stove on.

There are GPS-enabled inserts for shoes that help monitor the movement of older people suffering from dementia or Alzheimers, whether they are in a vehicle or on foot. The sensors alert caregivers when a monitored family member has traveled beyond a pre-set perimeter.

Home Automation

These monitoring devices are just a few examples of the technology available today. You can combine them with home automation to ensure that your loved one is always safe and secure at night. The alarm system performs these actions by scheduling a scene that locks the house and turns off the lights at a specific time.

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