A Beginners Brief Guide to Smart Home Security

Home Security Video Camera

Smart home video and security cameras provide homeowners with peace of mind. They let you know what’s going on at home when you aren’t there and are a great proactive security solution. If you’re new to smart home security, buying the right cameras can be tricky. So, here’s some information to help pick the right security solution for your family’s needs.

What Makes a Video Camera Smart?

First, a smart camera allows you to watch videos from anywhere. These cameras provide you with an immediate, real-time picture of what’s going on in your home at any given time. Using the smartphone app, you can check in on the kids after school, no matter where you are.

Smart video cameras alert you when something’s happening. Motion triggers the camera to take a smart clip and send it to your phone. The alert lets you validate whether the incident involves a true threat or not.

You can view video footage anytime because most intelligent cameras have motion sensors built-in, allowing them to record activity in and around your home. The clips are stored in your dashboard so you can look at them any time.

Smart Tips for People Purchasing Intelligent Security Cameras

What is your main use for the camera? Are you buying it just to check in on your cat or for security purposes? If you just want to check in on your pet, then any connected security camera will work. There are a few things to consider when buying a camera for security reasons, however.

You want a security camera that lets you set and manage alerts. The camera should also notify you of security events but not every time the kids run through the house setting off the motion sensors. By purchasing a complete intelligence security system with smart cameras, you can customize the notifications to receive. You can opt-out of any notifications that occur when your security system is unarmed so that you don’t get overwhelmed with security clips and unnecessary information.

The next thing to consider is whether you’ll be connecting your cameras to monitored security. When you want more than smartphone alerts, monitored security is the best option. With monitored security cameras, a trained professional always watches your house and can dispatch emergency services when necessary.

Alerts are great, but you may not receive them right away, and by the time you do, it’s too late to call 911. Monitored security just adds an extra, proactive level of security while letting you still receive notifications and smart video clips.

For more information on security cameras, and help picking the right one for your needs, contact a security integrator. They can give you advice on the right system to protect your home and family.

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