No More Wondering if The Kids (and your home) Are Safe After School

Back to School Smart Home Security

There are so many essential items to get when the kids go back to school, from clothes and backpacks to folders and pencils. What do these things have in common? While they’re all essential, they’re also consumable. They last one school year (if that) before they wear out. Luckily, there’s one back to school essential that doesn’t do this: smart home security.

For working families with children who are old enough to stay home independently after school, a smart home security system delivers peace of mind throughout the school year – every school year, for years to come. Here’s how that peace of mind is provided.

Fewer keys, fewer worries

The term “latchkey kid” conjures up memories of kids wearing a key around their neck or carrying it in a backpack. Even when children were responsible enough to stay home alone, Mom and Dad worried that the key might get lost – which meant no way for the kids to get safely into the house. With smart home security, that worry is eliminated.

Your smart home security system provides keyless entry to the kids, with their own entry codes they use to get into the house with their smartphones. If you prefer to let them in yourself, you can do it from the convenience of your own phone. No worries about where the keys went, no worries about the kids getting safely into the house.

Less Challenging Check-ins

Every school year, our kids get more independent – so why do our worries grow along with them? With your smart home security system, you can manage those worries with visual check-ins of the kids the moment they arrive home.

From any image sensor, you can see a quick snapshot or view a live feed. If you’re in a meeting when they get home, check your phone when the meeting’s over to see the stored video clip of them walking through the door. There’s no more nagging the kids to check in – just a quick glance at your phone.

Alerts to Important Activity

One of the most unnerving things about allowing after school independence is their unsupervised access to certain areas of the house: the liquor cabinet, the gun safe, the tool shed. More commonly, you may simply be concerned about too much time spent in front of video games. Your smart home security system can help with this. It offers a range of custom alerts for specific activity and events, so you can get an alert any time they go near those areas.

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