How to Ruin Your Teen’s House Party in 6 Steps

School may be out for the holidays, but you are still hard at work. This is prime time for teens to cook up a little trouble in the form of an unauthorized house party while you are away. Before home automation technologies, the best that parents could do was get heads-up from an alert neighbor, or worse, from the authorities. Now, tech savvy parents armed with home automation can not only see the party, but shut it down in 6 simple steps.
Here are some simple steps to keeping things under control, even if it means being a buzzkill.

Warn Them

Text your teen with real time photographic evidence of what is going on and let them know that you are fully aware. This alone may be enough for them to shut the party down, pronto. If not, don’t worry. You have more tricks up your sleeve.

Kill the Music and Television

What’s a party without music and television, right? One option is to kill the music altogether. The next is to have a playlist ready just such an occasion. A steady stream of opera or anything else that makes it perfectly evident the party is over will work well.

Take Control of The Lighting

It is hard to party when the lights are flickering, or off. If the teen does not get the message, the guests will find it annoying enough to call it a night.

Control the Temperature

Spoil the mood from afar by controlling the thermostat. The idea is to make the temperature either too hot, or too cold to be enjoyable.

Lock the Doors

If the party moved outside, or you want to prevent more from entering, lock the doors from your phone. You can monitor the action through your outdoor cameras.

Sound the Alarm

Finally, set off the alarm. Tenacious teen partiers will not know whether or not the alarm is just sounding, or if the authorities are actually on the way. That is enough to send anyone on their way. Sorry guys, party is totally over.

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Craig Metzger
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